60-68mm Spring-Loaded T-Bolt hose Clamp

Spring-Loaded T-Bolt hose clamp for silicone hose, rubber hose

Product Details

China hot sale SAE J1508 60-68mm Stainless steel Spring-Loaded T-Bolt hose Clamp pipe clamp

The Adjustable Advantage

GT HOSE Spring-Loaded Clamps are designed to compensate for fluctuations in all types of hose line assemblies. When temperature and/or pressure changes cause hose lines to expand or contract, GT HOSE Spring-Loaded Clamps adjust accordingly to provide constant band tension.

Several additional design advantages make GT HOSE clamps the preferred solution for critical applications. With 300 series stainless steel bands and trunnions, GT HOSE Spring-Loaded Clamps provide high strength and corrosion resistance. Solid bands prevent hose extrusions, and rounded band edges protect soft hose materials. Plus, a low amount of installation torque results in high band tension. Band tension, not installation torque, is what ultimately produces desired clamping force.


GT HOSE Spring-Loaded Clamps are manufactured with the following components:

  • 300 Series Stainless Steel Bands and Trunnions

  • Floating Bridges

  • Superior Two-piece Trunnions

  • Zinc Plated T-Bolts and Nuts

  • One-Piece Springs


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