High temperature resistance of silicone

- Mar 23, 2018 -

A. high temperature silicone hose:

High temperature resistant silicone tube is made of silicone rubber with glass fiber base cloth.

From the coating, high temperature resistant silicone tube has two kinds: single high temperature silicone tube, double silicone, application characteristics of single and double sided silicon tape similar sided silicone cloth is mainly used in some special environments do not need to double the silica gel in order to save costs, such as shoes, covering only one side chemical corrosion (such as sauna).

From the type of silica gel, there are two kinds of silicon rubber cloth, room temperature curing silicon rubber cloth and high temperature solidified silicon rubber cloth. Dongguan silica gel

Difference: the temperature tolerance range is different, the curing strength is different, after the combustion, the performance is different (the high temperature cured smokeless, tasteless. Quickly extinguish, ash white), the service life is not the same.

The scope of application of B and silicon rubber cloth:

1, electrical insulation: silicone fabric has a high level of electrical insulation, can withstand high voltage load, can be made into insulating cloth, casing and other products.

2, non metal compensator: silicone cloth can make flexible connection device of the pipeline, which can solve the damage of the pipeline thermal expansion silicone cloth has high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, high elasticity and flexibility, can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, cement, energy and other areas.

3, anti-corrosion aspects: silicone rubber coated glass fiber cloth, can be used as pipeline, save the internal and external anti-corrosion coating, excellent anti-corrosion performance, high strength, is an ideal anti-corrosion material.

4, temperature resistance: as fire blanket, fire curtain, temperature resistant and flame retardant material.

5, other fields: silicone rubber coated glass fiber membrane structure materials can be used in the fields of building sealing materials, high temperature anticorrosion belt, packaging materials and so on.



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