How to choose wine-drinking machine, silicone tube

- Dec 05, 2017 -

One, the wine machine since the use of nitrogen in Europe to preserve the design of the current popular use of high purity argon preservation, it is the time to complete a bottle of relative emptying (oxygen) and absolute emptying (oxygen) of a process (in the bottle of oxygen in the process of emptying the North American Classic Technology Co., Ltd.-answer the wine preservation of a few questions a column). Therefore, the purchase of wine can be considered in the time of freshness, wine in the machine stay time, choose suitable for your equipment fresh gas, or nitrogen or high purity argon gas.

Miniature choose the right gas, but not the absolute freshness of the wine, you can notice that any one of the wine machine will have an extension into the bottle of the fine tube, this silica gel tube is used as a pressure out of the wine pipeline, this pipe will be immersed in the liquor in the liquid, perhaps one weeks maybe 20 days. At present, the use of silicone tube and stainless steel tube, in the long-term experiment we observed that although the silica gel tube is food grade, however, the hose long immersion in the liquor solution, will be with (weak) alkali (weak) acid occurrence of subtle changes, intuitive feeling is the internal and external wall adsorption liquor, discoloration, the original white to micro-yellow gradient, oxidation. Even late treatment will produce unpleasant smells. and SUS304 stainless steel on the physicochemical properties of wine stability. No change to the wine, so choose to stick into the bottle of the tube to choose stainless steel material for good.

Third, watch the liquor-drinking machine equipment out of the wine (pipe) mouth, wine can be out after drinking wine (pipe) left in the mouth of alcohol returned to the bottle. If the wine inside the mouth hanging wine can not return to the bottle, 12 hours or more short time out of the wine in the mouth of the liquor will produce oxidation, sour, metamorphism, directly affect the quality of the next Cup.

Four, watch the wine machine in the wine can be measured when the wine, smooth out the wine, will not produce a torrent of the phenomenon, excellent wine opportunity a set of electricity, gas road flow stability device, a smooth reception.

Five, the liquor-drinking machine to see whether the wine liquor liquid foam floating, micro-small bubble is normal. If the liquor surface foam too much, forming a bubble layer, do not fade, indicating that the device has problems.

Six, in the selection of liquor-drinking mechanism cold way, it is recommended to choose the compressor air-cooled structure, conditional selection of the split structure, reduce vibration, compressor refrigeration is conducive to white wine low-temperature refrigeration, and red wine with a stable cold source. In the electronic refrigeration of the first to check whether the temperature sensor head in the middle of the visual chassis, such as inside the inner cavity, most of the chassis can not reflect the true temperature.

VII. Observation equipment Transparent door:

A, closed after sealing, such as air leakage or wind tunnel, will increase the load of the compressor, compression opportunities to start frequently.

B, the door surface is dew, water mist, water droplets, such as the existence of the device inside the cavity and shell insulation is not good, there is cold bridge, time too long wine bidding contaminated.

Eight, check the argon cylinder, the cylinder color is dark gray, the cylinder safety withstand pressure is 23.5kg, the inside inflatable body generally does not surpass 15kg. If found that the bottle color is wrong, must not use (different pressure vessel withstand pressure different), uses the regular factory product, the cylinder has the certificate of competency accompanying.

Nine, Europe, the United States and Chinese manufacturers have obtained the different structure of the patent intellectual property rights, in order to do agent distribution operation, should be preferred with a patent-authorized enterprise cooperation, in order to avoid in the marketing development of unnecessary infringement disputes.

Ten, the appearance of equipment inspection: In the appearance of the main check out the wine (tube) has security design. For example, with silicone tube diameter of about 5mm of stainless steel pipe bending shape, directly on the surface of the equipment. The following figure shows: use in public places will have a stab injury, scratches the hidden danger of people, and the choice of mold casting out of the wine (pipe) will be smooth and safe.

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