Turbo-Charged working environment

- Dec 05, 2017 -

1, after the start of the automobile engine, can not step on the accelerator pedal, should first idle running three minutes, this is in order to make the oil temperature rise, liquidity can be better, so that the turbocharger is fully lubricated, and then to improve the engine speed, start to drive, this in the winter is particularly important, at least need to hot car more than 5 minutes.

2, the engine after a long period of high-speed operation, can not immediately flameout. The reason is that when the engine works, a part of the oil supply turbocharger rotor bearing lubrication and cooling, the running of the engine after a sudden shutdown, the oil pressure quickly dropped to zero, oil lubrication will be interrupted, turbocharger internal heat can not be taken away from the engine, then the turbocharger turbine part of the high temperature will spread to the middle, The heat in the bearing housing can not be removed quickly, while the turbocharger rotor is still rotating at high speed under inertial action. This will cause the turbocharger shaft and sleeve to "bite dead" and damage the bearing and shaft. In addition the engine suddenly flameout, at this time the exhaust manifold temperature is very high, its heat will be absorbed into the turbocharger shell, will stay in the turbocharger internal oil boil into a carbon. When the accumulated carbon accumulate more and more will block into the oil port, resulting in a lack of oil sleeve, speed up the turbine shaft and the wear between the sleeve. Therefore, the engine should idle for about three minutes before flameout, so that the rotor speed of turbocharger decreases. In addition, it is noteworthy that the turbo-charged engine is also not suitable for long idling operation, generally should be kept within 10 minutes.

3, choose the oil when you must pay attention to. Because of the role of turbocharger, the air quality and volume of the combustion chamber are greatly improved, the engine structure is more compact, more reasonable and the compression ratio is higher, so the engine work intensity is higher. Machining accuracy is also higher, assembly technology requirements more stringent. All of these determine the high temperature, high speed, high-power, large torque and low emission characteristics of turbo-charged engines. It also determines the working conditions of the engine's internal components to withstand higher temperatures and greater impact, extrusion and shearing forces. So in the selection of turbo-charged car engine oil, it is necessary to take into account its particularity, the use of oil must be resistant to abrasion, high temperature, the establishment of lubricating oil module, high strength and stability of the film. and synthetic oil or half synthetic oil can meet this requirement, so the oil in addition to the best use of the original provisions of the engine oil can also choose synthetic oil, half synthetic oil and other high-quality lubricants.

4, engine oil and filter must be kept clean, prevent impurities into, because the turbocharger shaft and sleeve between the gap is very small, if the oil lubrication capacity drops, will cause the turbocharger premature scrap.

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