Turbocharger Maintenance method

- Dec 05, 2017 -

Need to clean the air filter on time to prevent impurities such as dust into the high speed rotary compressor impeller, resulting in unstable speed or wear sleeve and sealing parts.

The need to constantly check the turbocharger seal ring is sealed. Because if the seal rings are not sealed, then the exhaust gas will be through the seal ring into the engine lubrication system, the oil will become dirty, and the crankcase pressure to rise rapidly, in addition to the engine Low-speed operation oil will also be through the sealing ring from the exhaust pipe or into the combustion chamber, resulting in excessive consumption of oil to produce "burning oil" situation.

Turbocharger to check whether there is abnormal or unusual vibration, lubricating oil pipes and connectors have no leakage.

Turbocharger rotor bearing precision is very high, maintenance and installation of the working environment is very strict, so when the turbocharger failure or damage should be to the designated repair station for maintenance, rather than to the ordinary repair shop.

To keep the air cleaner clean, compared with the ordinary engine, turbo-charged engine for cleaner requirements higher. Because if the impurities into the compressor impeller, will cause the speed instability or bushings and seals increased wear.

The engine oil to keep clean, turbo-charged engine oil requirements are relatively high, must be kept clean. In addition, if the oil deterioration to be replaced in time. Otherwise, the lubricating capacity of the lubricating oil will cause the lubrication of the turbocharger bearing to be damaged, increase the maintenance cost, and even cause the premature scrap of the turbocharger.

The car on the road and immediately flameout on the turbo engine is not good, the engine after the best idling operation for a while, so lubricants fully lubricated bearings, the engine played a very good protective effect. In addition, the engine after a long period of high-speed operation, should be idle for 3-5 minutes before flameout, otherwise, will cause the turbocharger inside the oil overheating and damage bearings and shafts.

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