Constant Pressure Turbo-charging System

- Dec 05, 2017 -

The pressurized turbo system is to collect the exhaust from all cylinders of the internal combustion engine into a large enough exhaust pipe and then introduce the turbine. Although the cylinders are alternating exhaust, but due to the regulator of the exhaust pipe, the pressure of the turbine entrance is basically unchanged, it is called a pressurized pressurization system.

The main advantages of constant pressure turbo-charging are: The turbine has a high efficiency in the whole week under constant pressure, and the induced vibration of the air flow is small, and it is not easy to cause the blade to break, the exhaust system is simple, the cost is lower and the maintenance is easy to decorate. The main disadvantage is the low pulse energy utilization, the test shows that when the pressurization pressure is small, the pressurized pressurization system only utilizes the exhaust energy of the 12%~15%, high pressurization can reach more than 30%. In addition, the low speed torque characteristics and acceleration performance of the pressurized turbocharged internal combustion engine are poor.

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