The Function And Principle Of Foamed Silica Gel Tube

- Dec 05, 2017 -

foamed silica gel Tube, foaming silicone strip is the use of silicone rubber high-temperature principle of foaming, foam silica gel is extruded silicone, the main sealing effect. Because of the foaming uniformity, good elasticity, good softness, so the sealing squeeze high, paste high!

Mainly used in supporting electrical, electronic, furniture equipment, toys, hardware, medical equipment, sporting goods, audio, lighting, machinery, automobiles, bottle seals, building curtain wall seals and other industries.

Characteristics of Foaming Silicone tube

1, environmental protection, insulation, high temperature resistance, compression, resilience strong;

2. The surface tolerance is small and the foaming density is even;

3, acid and alkali, anti-aging, non-toxic, tasteless, odorless;

4, good surface viscosity, good air permeability;

Foaming Silicone tube, foaming silicone strip operation and safety

When operating silicone products please wear protective glasses and gloves, because contact with the eye will stimulate the eyes. If you are in contact with your eyes, rinse your eyes with water and contact your doctor. Please avoid prolonged contact with the skin, or it may cause irritation and itching.

Foam silicone tube, foam silicone strip storage

Store in dry and shady places to avoid direct sunlight. Where children are not exposed.

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