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Nylon tubing for air brake system

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Chinese factory Nylon Hose/Nylon Tube/Pa11 Pa12 Tubing/Nylon Brake Hose

GT HOSE's nylon tubing can withstand greater pressures and higher temperatures than many other varieties of plastic tube, making it the ideal tubing option for a broad range of applications.
Our nylon tubing features a lighter-weight wall and provides better flexibility and smaller bend radii. It offers higher corrosion resistance than other types of nylon tubing, thanks to its resistance to moisture absorption. GT HOSE nylon tube is heat and UV stabilized, making it resistant to stress-cracking and therefore perfect for outdoor applications and sunlight exposure. It is also chemical resistant for use in areas where chemical exposure is common.

 PA11 & PA12 TUBE with SAEJ844


Our PA11 and PA12 tube meets the requirements of DIN73378, DIN74324,SAE J844,ISO3949 standards.

       Nylon Hose/Nylon Tube/Pa11 Pa12 Tubing/Nylon Brake Hose

These nylon tubes can be applied to the air, water, oil, steaming pipelines of the automobiles, forklifts, engineering machines, diesel engines and assembling production lines etc.


       Nylon Hose/Nylon Tube/Pa11 Pa12 Tubing/Nylon Brake Hose


           ♦  Good wearability

           ♦  Good bending performance

           ♦  Good anti-vibration and anti-shock performance

           ♦  High and low temperature resistance ( -40℃~100℃)


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