ID=51mm 180 Degree Elbow Silicone Hose

Elbow silicone hose 180 degree for car

Product Details

Chinese manufacturer radiator hose ID=51mm 180 degree Elbow silicone hose

Here at GT HOSE, we are dedicated to providing the best quality product that we can, and at an affordable price. We've been in the industry for more than 15 years. And we have built cooperation with customers from more than 50 countries.


We are the go to source for high quality silicone hoses, tubes and ducting systems. Not only that, but we strive to help you through every step of buying process to ensure that you are satisfied with your order. Our products adhere to the strict product quality standards of SAE J20 CLASS A.

If you need help with your design, our team of expert engineers can help you with that. Once your specifications have been met, we take care of everything from manufacturing to shipping, ensuring that you get the high quality product you ordered in a timely manner. Client satisfaction is our number 1 goal, and we're committed to meeting it.


Since our conception in 2003, we've been hard at work perfecting our products and services to put our company a cut above the competition. We know it shows in every silicone vacuum and radiator hose we ship. As a trusted multinational OEM supplier, you can rest assured that you will receive your product according to your specification in a timely manner. For more information, don't hesitate to contact us We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.




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