Elbow 67 Degree Silicone Hose

ID=51~102mm, 3~5 ply polyester reinforced , Elbow 67 Degree Silicone hose

Product Details

     Elbow 67 Degree Silicone Hose


Product description:


Here at GT, we are committed to the manufacturing of only the highest quality silicone products. Our high performance silicone Elbow 67 hoses are no exception.


  • Silicone does not conduct electricity.

  • Silicone can function normally even in extreme hot and cold temperatures.

  • Silicone doesn’t degrade under UV light or ozone.


The business world sees a whole different level of stress than the recreational world, especially when it comes to machines. Production and efficiency require power and precision, and the quality of machinery reflects that. But a machine is only as good as its parts and materials, and when it comes to hump hoses almost nothing beats silicone. That’s because it can withstand all types of stress, from extreme temperatures to chemical corrosion and friction to UV light. Our high performance silicone hump hoses are made to strict ISO 9001:2008, TS-16949 standards.


Warranty Information

S.A.E. (Society of Automotive Engineering) recommends a new or unused hose clamp with every new silicone hose installation. Silicone Hoses require specialized clamping systems and the use of incorrect clamps can cause irreversible damage to the silicone hose.









Contact us:


Name: Shelly  Ye

Email:  shelly@gthose.com


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