One Meter Straight Coolant Hose

One Meter Straight Coolant Hose

one meter straight coolant hose

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silicone 1 Meter hose:

Material:silicone rubber, FVMQ



Product Information

  • We supply PREMIUM QUALITY all aluminum radiator and silicone hose kit, oil cooler, intercooler and kit for racing auto and motocross auto bike.

  • We promise that all our products are made of the best materials and advanced manufacture technique. All our products are 100% fully tested to ensure top quality.

  • All manufactured in a brand new state of the art facility with the same manufacturing process that OEM companies use.



It could be applied to engines as performance coolant hose

For heavy duty pressure connections in hostile engine environments. Ideal for extreme temperatures and various pressure ranges where high performance levels are required.

2 to 6-ply silicone polyester reinforced configuration.

Recommended for temperatures: -65° to 350°F (-53.9°C to +176.6°C).

Resistant to electrochemical degradation.

Meets and exceeds all performance and physical characteristics of SAE J20 R1, SAE J20 R1 H.T. Class A, TMC RP303B Grade I and Grade II, Mil Spec A-A-52426 and various heavy-duty OEM requirements.

UV and ozone resistant.

NOTE. Aramid reinforced hose available for higher temperature applications.

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