Narrow Stainless Steel Hose Clamps

Adjust range=27-51 mm, Worm gear drive American type hose clamp

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   Narrow stainless steel hose clamps


Product description:

                Narrow stainless steel hose clamps

Adjust range=27-51 mm, Worm gear drive American type hose clampClamp Narrow stainless steel hose clamps
StandardSAE J1508


Adjust Range27mm to 51mm
Band With12.7mm


    heat resistant American type butterfly hose clamp

American Type Hose Clamps With Handle Plastic Clips And Fasteners Manufacturers in China.Butterfly quick release hose clamp mainly used for interface oil, gas, liquid glue secret aircraft, construction, automobiles, tractors, gasoline engines, diesel engines, irrigation machines and other mechanical devices, all kinds of hose system interfaces necessary tightening machine connected accessories

1.The outer edge of the band with smoothing and shaping treatment precludes the damage of the hose.

2.using high quality material and precise stamping molding, prevents thread stripping.

3.with precise design, uniform stress, good sealing ability, can be twisted smoothly, and used multiple times.




How to pack


We each piece of the blade surface to rust treatment (rub anti rust oil, paint, surface plating a variety of titanium, chromium, zinc and other metals). When the product is packed, each of our employees with gloves for packaging, and the final inspection, to ensure that the product quality into the box in good condition. There are many kinds of packing in our packing. Including blister, plastic bags, paper boxes, plastic boxes, etc., if you want other types of packaging, please contact our staff!


After packing

We put packed finished product put on clean, dry and rain can not enter into the environment, the products packed in a customized carton, packing operation and put the complete package of products as well as the carton on the tray. If guests have special requirements, wooden case for export in the requirements of the guests, we will custom with the guest specified size wooden box is exported, and entrusted the whole transported to the guest's designated place so far under the request of the guests, the whole supporting exports, we will find can export tray, which can then be playing supporting exports, and entrusted the whole transported to the guest's designated place so far.


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